SOAR Staff

Important Note for SOAR Users - As of December 2, 2021 (NOTE changed date) the "" domain will cease to exist, and all associated e-mail addresses will no longer work. Addresses using the new "" domain have been implemented and are currently functional. The links below provide the correct new addresses for all SOAR staff; please update your contacts accordingly. Please note that both usernames and domain name will change!  
SOAR Direction and Administrative Support
Jonathan (Jay) Elias, Director, Astronomer (also SPARTAN)
Marcela Urquieta, Administrative Assistant
SOAR Support Scientists
César Briceño (SAM, Goodman, SOI), Telescope Scientist, CTIO Scientist
Régis Cartier (Goodman), CTIO Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Sean Points (GoodmanSOI, TSPEC), Instrument Scientist Goodman, SOI, TSPEC; CTIO Scientist
Andrei Tokovinin (SAM), CTIO Astronomer
Alfredo Zenteno (Goodman), CTIO Assistant Scientist

Brazilian support is off-site only at present, please use soar.suporte AT to contact them.

SOAR Telescope Operations (TELOPS):
Esteban Parkes, CTIO TelOps Manager, Senior Electronics Engineer
Fabián Collao, SOAR Site Manager, Mechanical Engineer
Eduardo Aguirre, Telescope Mechanic
Mauricio Araya, Telescope Mechanic
Ignacio Roco, Electronics Technician
Manuel Torres, Electronics Technician
Patricio Ugarte, Observer Support
Sergio Pizarro, Observer Support
Juan Espinoza, Assistant Observer
Carlos Corco, Assistant Observer
Rodrigo Hernández, Floating Assistant Observer
Jacqueline Serón, Floating Assistant Observer
SOAR Software Development and Support
Simón Torres, Data Analyst