Observing with SAM

Initial preparations

The observer should connect to the SAMI GUI (via the appropriate VNC connection through the SOAR or CTIO VPN; credentials should have been supplied by the support scientist).Once connected, create a folder for the night, with the format YYYY-MM-DD: e.g., in a terminal type "mkdir 2019-06-20".
If not already running, open an IRAF window by clicking on the IRAF icon, in the SAMI computer desktop (at right). Also launch a DS9 image viewer window (also click on the corresponding launcher button in the right edge of the desktop), as shown in the figure at right.
Go into the SAMI GUI and setup the image directory and reset the counter to 1 or whatever number suits you, as shown below.

Afternoon Calibrations

Calibrations for SAM include flats and bias frames. Flatfielding is best done using sky flats, but in case these cannot be obtained, as a backup one should obtain dome flats on the first night of the run. This also allows the observer to detect any light leaks or problems with the mounting of the filters.