Filters Available at SOAR

Filter Name Filter Set Central Wavelength/
Updated Nov 7, 2016 (C. Briceño)

All filters available for imaging or spectroscopic order-sorting at listed on this page, or via links below. Some filters can be used on more than one instrument, so please check the full listing if you have special needs.

4 x 4 Inches Square Filters for imaging with the Goodman HTS or with SOI
(SOI can also use 3x3 inch filters without vignetting)

u Stromgren 3460/441 plot / data
u' SDSS 3529/719 plot / data
U Bessell 3624/784 plot / data
v Stromgren 4084/207 plot / data
B Bessell 4326/1269 plot / data
b Stromgren 4694/229 plot / data
g' SDSS 4737/1734 plot / data
V Bessell 5332/1073 plot / data
y Stromgren 5455/285 plot / data
r' SDSS 6271/1779 plot / data
R Bessell 6289/1922 plot / data
VR Wide VR filter 6000/2410 plot
Halpha (CTIO set) narrow 6563/75 plot / data
[S II] (CTIO set) narrow 6738/50 plot / data
Halpha 6600 (CTIO set) narrow 6600/75  
[OIII] (CTIO set) narrow 5019/50  
i' SDSS 7731/2006 plot / data
TiO Wing 7779/125 plot / data
CN Wing 8123/116 plot / data
I Bessell 8665/3914 plot / data
z' SDSS 10094/4842 plot / data


SAMI Filters (3 x 3 Inches Square)

SAMI has one filter wheel with 7 positions for 3 inch square filters.  The new SAMI Filter page lists the characteristics of the two new broadband filter sets, plus an assortment of narrow band filters, which have been specifically designed and built for use on SAMI: a Kron-Cousins BVRI set, a SDSS griz set, and Ha, NI, [NII] and [SII] narrow band filters, in addition to several redshifted Ha filters designed for the Fabry-Perot module (more details in this link). Any of these filters are readily available for use with SAMI. Additional 3x3 inch filters from the CTIO filter stock (click here) can also be requested.

Goodman Circular 4 Inch Diameter Filters


Adapted from Bessell 2005 (ARAA, 43, 293, Fig. 1)     
Johnson U Central wavelength = 366
Johnson B  Central wavelength = 436
Johnson V Central wavelength = 545
Kron-Cousins Rc Central wavelength = 641
Order blocking GG-385 Cutoff wavelength: < 385
Order blocking GG-455 Cutoff wavelength: < 455
Order blocking GG-495 Cutoff wavelength: < 495
Order blocking OG-590 Cutoff wavelength: < 590
Order blocking S8612 Wavelength range: ~330-620 (dataplot)



CTIO Imaging Filters

Information on the 3x3 inch and 4x4 inch square filters available at CTIO can be found here. These filters can generally be borrowed for use for imaging on SOAR, although older filters may need testing to confirm that their performance is acceptable.