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Please submit this at least 7 days before your arrival, if you leave it too late we might not see your request and you may not be connected. Make sure you provide the MAC addresses for BOTH wifi and wired-connection modes of your laptop. The end result of submitting this form is a formatted email with the text command, that CISS uses to add your MAC addresses to the system. It is not automatic. Thank you.
In order to use the NOAO South network, you need be familiar with the CTIO Security Guidelines as well as the formal NOAO Acceptable Use Policy

Please type the email address of whom is sponsoring you or the person that coordinated your travel / Por favor escriba el correo electronico de la persona que lo patrocina o con aquella persona con la que coordino el viaje
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Please insert a valid MAC address, AA:11:BB:22:CC:33
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