Hydra CLI thisis

       thisis - identify a lost fiber




       This command has multiple behaviours depending on the sit-
       uation we are dealing with. It is useful to  handle  fail-
       ures  to  grab  and  drop  buttons  as well as to identify
       unknown buttons in the gripper.

       When the gripper fails to drop or grab a button  a  record
       is  saved  stating which one was the fiber involved in the
       failure and the type of failure.

       If at the moment of calling this command  the  gripper  is
       empty  and a record of a failure exists, then the position
       of the fiber will be updated to the  current  location  of
       the  gripper.  You can repeat the command as many times as
       you want before clearing the trouble condition  by  moving
       or  parking  the  fiber. If there's no record of a failure
       the the command will just return.

       If at the moment of calling this command  the  gripper  is
       holding  a  button  and  a record of a failure exists, the
       command will print a message  identifying  the  fiber  and
       stating  its  current  condition.  No  update of the fiber
       position will be done. If there's no record of  a  failure
       then you will have to manually identify the fiber. Use the
       "dropit" command to drop the fiber, clear its trouble con-
       dition and update its position.

       Normal  procedure  after  a failure to grab a button is to
       nudge the gripper and re-center the gripper  on  the  but-
       ton's  head  using  the  gripper camera-monitor. Then call
       "thisis" to update the button's position. Finally park  or
       move the button to clear its trouble condition. Repeat the
       operation if the gripper fails to grab the button again or
       check that there'are no dirt particles beneath the button.

       Normal procedure after a failure to drop a  button  is  to
       call  "thisis"  to identify the fiber in troubles and then
       call "dropit" to drop the fiber  and  update  its  current


       park(n), move(n), dropit(n), thisis(n)


       R.Cantarutti, National Optical Astronomy Observatories