NOAO-S EPO Programs


NOAO-S EPO Program

Besides the programs mentioned before: CADIASDark Sky EducationTeaching with GalileoscopesVisitor CenterRobotic TelescopeMedia Relations and Astro Chile; there are Collaboration Projects, Intern students collaboration and Public Outreach.

Collaboration Projects

Many projects are carried out with collaboration of local and national institutions, such as  Explora from CONICYT, the University of La Serena. Some examples are the National School Astronomy Congress and the International Amateur Astronomy Congress in 2009,  each with the participation of 200 students, teaches and general public.


Intern students collaboration

The observatory recieves professional interns in differents areas each year, which offers the opportunity of their collaboration in activities organized by EPO. During the summer 2009-2010, there were  27 interns, who participated in 2 star parties, one organized by NOAO EPO team and another by Gemini.


Public Outreach

NOAO EPO, presented a project to make CADIAS the official insttution to train astronomical tourism guides in the region.

EPO/CADIAS participates in seminar and meetings. During 2007 it took part of 22 community events. In 2008, 25 events. In 2009, 31 events...