Instruments by Type

Instruments at CTIO by type for the telescopes Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope, SMARTS 0.9-meter and SMARTS 1.5-meter telescopes.

See Instruments by Telescope.

Optical Imagers 

Telescope Instrument FOV
Detector Wavelegth range 
(micron) or filters
Blanco DECam 3sq. degrees 0.263 62x 2048X4096 
0.3-1.1 (ugrizY+VR)
Blanco COSMOS 10 arcmin diameter 0.29 e2v 2048x4096 0.32-0.98
0.9-m Tek2K 13.6x13.6 0.401 SITe 2048x2048 


Optical Spectrographs

Telescope Instrument FOV Resolving Power Detector Wavelength
range (micron)
Blanco COSMOS Long slit - 10 arcmin long slit ~2,200 with 0.9 arcsec slit e2v 2048x4096 0.32-0.98
Blanco COSMOS MOS - 5.0x10.0 arcmin ~2,200 with 0.9 arcsec slit e2v 2048x4096 0.32-0.98
1.5-m CHIRON   one star <140,000 4096x4096 0.41-0.87