Hydra CLI lit

       lit - send its argument list directly to the black box


       lit ?arg arg ...?


       This  procedure  sends  its  argument list directly to the
       controller and return just the controller first answer.

       This command can be useful for direct control of the Galil
       Box  by  sending  executable instructions to it. The Galil
       box provides over 100 commands for specifying  motion  and
       machine parameters. Instructions consist of two upper case
       letters that correspond  phonetically  to  the  appropiate
       function.   For example the instruction TP tells position.
       Some of the instructions accept arguments.

       For each valid command entered, the Galil  Box  returns  a
       colon :. If the Galil Box decodes a command as invalid, it
       returns a question mark ?.  For example, if the command TP
       is sent in lower case, the Galil Box will return a ?.

       For  interrogation instructions such as Tell Position (TP)
       or Tell Status (TS) the Galil Box  returns  the  requested
       data.  A summary of the most important commands follows:

       MG Message
              The  MG  command  sends data out. This can be used,
              for example, to return  a  a  variable  value.  For
              example to return the value of input 13:

              > lit MG ,@[13]

       MO Motor Off
              The MO command shuts off the control algorithm. The
              controller will continue to minotor the motor posi-
              tion. For example:

              > lit MO       Turn off all motors

              > lit MOX      Turn off the X motor

       OB Output Bit
              The  OB  command defines output bit 1 through 16 as
              either 0 or 1 depending on the argument. For  exam-

              > lit OB 7, 0       Set output bit 7 to zero

              > lit OB 5, 1       Set output bit 5 to one

       SH Servo Here
              to enable servo control here.

              > lit SHX           Only servo the X motor

              IMPORTANT:  avoid  sending  the  SH command without
              specifying the axis this may cause a  high  current
              flow that may burn a fuse.

       TP Tell Position
              The TP command returns the current positions of the
              position encoders.




       R.Cantarutti, National Optical Astronomy Observatories