Hydra CLI listTI

       listTI - list the Galil Box input assignments




       This  command  will  return the current state of the Galil
       Box input  assignments  in  a  human  readable  way.   The
       DMC-1580  has  24 digital inputs for controlling motion by
       local switches.

       Inputs 1, 2 and 4 are  used  with  the  latching  function
       (high  speed  position  capture)  of the controller in the
       homing routine of the stages.  The  latching  function  is
       used  to  arm the position latches and capture the encoder
       position upon a low going signal.

       Input 3 is use as an  interrupt  signal  that  checks  the
       orthogonal  condition of the stages (1 degree). Upon a low
       signal the interrupt will caused the embedded software  to
       stop all motion in the system.

       Input  5 is used as the master fault interrupt. Upon a low
       signal this interrupt will cause the system  to  stop  all
       motions,  halt  all  running  processes and inhibit future
       motions. The only way to clear a master fault condition is
       to  either cycle the power or lower the FSA (Focal Surface
       Assembly) and manually toggle the Reset switch.

       A master fault interrupt is activated whenever  the  third
       orthogonal limit is hit, one of the XYW panic reverse/for-
       ward limit is hit, or one of the panic switches is hit.

       Input 6 is used to sense if the  gripper  is  closed  (0).
       Input  7  senses  if  the  gripper is opened wide. Input 8
       senses button presence (0=empty).

       Input 9 is used to sense the  state  of  the  plate  (1  =

       Input  13 senses the AC Drive Power condition. A high sig-
       nal tells us that the drive power is on.

       Input 17, 18, 19  and  20  connects  the  brushless  servo
       amplifiers  fault  output pin to the controller. The fault
       output of the amplifiers indicates the status of the power
       stage  (amplifier  enabled  or disabled). The fault output
       will go to its active state  upon  a  power  stage  fault,
       thermal  overload,  RMS  current limit, power supply under
       voltage condition, and DC bus over voltage  condition  (BA
       Series USER'S Manual).

       second orthogonal switch and to the FSA interlocks. Upon a
       low signal motion is inhibited.


       inputchart(n), swchart(n), listTS(n)


       R.Cantarutti, National Optical Astronomy Observatories