Blanco Webcams


The first image is an outdoor camera mounted on the seeing tower on Cerro Tololo and pointed almost due south. From left to right, the telescope domes are the SMARTS 1.0-m telescope, the Curtis-Schmidt, the Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter Telescope (with the reflective coat), the SMARTS 1.5-m telescope, the SMARTS 0.9-m telescope and the USNO Deep South Telescope. If the images are changing, then they are live, no matter what the date in the corner says. (If it looks like the image doesn't change, check the time in the corner anyway, or the frame number. Sometimes our weather is just so good, that you can't tell the difference from one frame to the next). If the camera has frozen up, please send email to mountain support to restart the camera. If the date is wrong, complain to Tim Abbott (  If you are within the CTIO VPN, you can view the images from this camera at a higher frame rate here.

The second image is from a sensitive camera which points straight up from the telescope prime focus and allows views of the sky as currently observed by the telescope.  The large circle is the projection of the DECam beam at the inner edge of the dome slit - if it overlaps the side of the slit, then the DECam image is being occluded.  The small circle is the field of view of DECam on the sky.  The compass indicator applies at the center of the image.  This image is updated every minute, the page refreshes automatically. If you are within the CTIO network, view at a higher update rate here  Nightly movies can be seen here.

The third image is an indoor camera is mounted on the old console room roof, inside the Blanco dome, facing southwest.  Watching during the day, you may see some activity.  Not much will be visible at night.

New images are uploaded about once per minute.  Reload this page to see them.

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