Using Oxygen Monitor

Daniel email


A Matheson's Oxygen Deficiency Monitor model #8061
was installed inside the Hydra room, the sensor is close to the
refilling area and the unit is in the room next to it (upper right
It was adjusted at 20.9% as recommended.
A pulsating alarm tone sounds if the oxygen level drops below 19.5%


19.5%-21.0% no symptom
14.0%-19.5% Headache, fatigue, faulty judgment
10.0%-14.0% Rise in temperature, difficulty breathing
6.0% -10.0% Convulsions, indistinct consciousness
below 6.0% Coma and heart failure, death in minutes

The unit should be used when work is done in the room,
in special while refilling the dewar.

It uses 2 AA rechargable batteries (steady sound means
battery low). They last ~75 hours, when fully charged.

Sensor's lifetime: 18-24 months, starting today (July 2003).
Accuracy +/- 0.3%

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