Travel Information Questionnaire

Please fill out and submit this form after your travel arrangements to Chile have been finalized. It enables our staff to make appropriate lodging, taxi etc, arrangements in Santiago and La Serena in support of your visit to CTIO.

IMPORTANT! It is imperative that we receive the Travel Information Questionnaire at least 4 weeks prior to the start of your run.


  • Ximena Herreros
    011-56-51 205 215


Graduate students receiving travel support for thesis research MUST contact this office BEFORE purchasing their tickets.

If you are bringing your own equipment you will need to follow export and import procedures; in this case please contact Cliff Aldrich a month before your travel dates.

  • Orion Wiest
    Tucson Office
    Phone: (520) 318-8126

Please check the updated Travel Information web page in the Visiting Astronomer travel guide

If you cannot submit this form via the WWW, please mail it to:

  • Scheduling Office
    Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory
    Casilla 603
    La Serena, CHILE

Please read the Visiting Astronomers Guide for helpful information on who to contact, what happens when you arrive and depart Chile, use of the taxi service, The motel offered in the AURA Compound in La Serena in case you need a place to stay before or after your run, The itinerary of the carryall up and down to the mountain for planning your flights, etc...


General Information
Please use this space for any additional information we need to be aware of regarding your visit. If you are requesting to go to Tololo a day early to acclimatize or to look over the shoulder of the previous observer, please ask here.
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