Tim Abbott's personal page

Timothy M. C. Abbott, Ph.D. Texas, B.A. Oxon.

AURA/CTIO, 950 N. Cherry Ave., PO Box 26732, Tucson AZ 85719-6732, USA
AURA/CTIO, Casilla 603, La Serena, Chile.

tabbott at ctio dot noao dot edu

I am telescope scientist for the Blanco 4-m telescope at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, Chile.  I am an instrumentalist at heart, but sometimes get involved in studying Cataclysmic Variables and related objects.  Recently I have been chasing Fast Radio Bursters and Superluminous Supernovae with a bunch of Aussies.  Since I am a founder member of The Dark Energy Survey (DES) collaboration I also get to claim I do observational cosmology.

In a gratifyingly successful effort to get naturally cagey engineers and astronomers to talk to eachother, I moderate the CCD mailing list CCD-world.

I was, in reverse order: astronomer in charge at The Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT), support astronomer at NOT, resident astronomer at The Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope, fellow at The European Southern Observatory, La Silla, graduate student at The University of Texas at Austin and undergraduate at the University of Oxford.

My bibliography (not guaranteed current).