Yale 1.0-m Telescope

Yale University's 1.0 meter telescope was automated by the Astronomical Research Institute (ARI https://www.astro-research.org/).  It is operated with NASA funding to recover and follow-up NEOs.

About the 1.0m telescope

The CTIO/Yale 1-meter telescope is an f/10 reflecting telescope with a closed tube Cassegrain design. It is controlled using a custom Comsoft PC-TCS/DCS system which includes full automation of the dome. A CTIO-built autoguider (with a fixed-position CCD guide camera) was installed in early 2004. From June 1998 until September 2002, the 1.0-m was used by the YALO consortium with the OSU-built ANDICAM dual optical/IR imager. When the ANDICAM was moved to the CTIO 1.3-m as part of the SMARTS collaboration startup in 2003, the 1.0-m sat idle until a new 12-position filter wheel and CCD was installed by OSU in March 2003.  

From July 2005 until the present, the 1.0-m has been equipped with the dedicated STA 4064x4064 CCD known as Y4KCam. Prior to July 2005, the 1.0-m was equipped with a 512x512 Apogee AP7 CCD .  The 1.0-m is equipped with a 12 position filter wheel using 4"x4" filters.  Available filters include BVRcIc  (standard CTIO/KPNO Kron-Cousins set), SDSS ugriz, and U+CuSO4. The complete suite of filters available is listed here.

For more information, please see the 1.0m website.