ISPI Troubleshooting & known problems

The most common problem when observing with ISPI, is that the ISPI GUI will loose connection with the TCS. As a result the ISPI GUI might hang. If this happens, close the GUI, stop the ArcVIEW main application and then restart the GUI by clicking on the ArcVIEW icon in the VNC window. Detailed instructions can be found under Simple Restart on the Re-starting ISPI page.

If simply restarting the GUI does not bring back up the connection with the TCS, ask the night assistant to re-start the TCS router. See also Telescope & TCS related problems

Limit the number of processes running on ctioa9 to a minimum.
This will improve overall stability of the system.

Further information on problems one might encounter when observing with ISPI, can be found in the following pages:
    ISPI PC & ISPI GUI related problems
    Telescope & TCS related problems
    Re-starting ISPI
    Noise & noise patterns
    Condensation on entrance window

February 21, 2007