Education & Public Outreach

NOAO-S EPO program is part of the larger NOAO EPO program (led from Tucson), is a strategic part of NOAO-S operations and development. It runs various programs adapted for Chilean community, resulting in relationships with the Chilean public and government which is key to make them aware of the Dark Skies Program.

NOAO-South EPO program team can be found here.

The following links present the NOAO EPO Program in Chile.

Visits to Tololo

Astronomers from all over the world come to observe to CTIO. In addittion, CTIO offers guided tours to the public at Cerro Tololo every Saturday.



Student Programs/Internships


Acronysm for "Centro de Apoyo de la Didáctica de la Astronomía" is a center for the support to the astronomy didactics.


Public Outreach

Astro Chile

Is an EPO Program in charge of innovate in astronomy teaching.

Robotic Telescope Hugo E. Schwarz

EPO program, a joint effort between ULS students and astronomers and engineers at CTIO.

Dark Sky Education

Is an EPO Program. It runs Globe at Night, an annual program to measure the sky quality.

Teaching with Galileoscopes

Galileoscopes assembly and observing plan for NOAO-S staff & local schools students.

Media relation, participation at major events, hand-outs



EPO NOAO-S participates in:

Astro Day

Is a community event celebrated each year and organized by Gemini outreach office in Ls Serena, Chile.


Other EPO NOAO-S programs


Interesting links to worldwide astronomical resources