Downloading the Galil Software

1. Setting Things Up

Before you can download code, you need to have the appropriate hardware and software configurations. Various switches and software items need to be configured. These are discussed below for both the host machine and the Galil Box.

a) Host Machine

The easiest way to download the code is to use the "Editor Tool" provided with the Visual Basic Tool. In order to use this software you will need your host machine to be running under Windows95 and the Visual Basic Tool installed.

b) Galil Box

While a comprehensive discussion of the Galil DMC-1500 is ledt to the Galil User Manual, a few pointers are given below.

In order to be able to do anything with the box, you have to be able to talk to it. To that end, a cable and the correct switch settings are required. No other hardware is necessary to talk to the box. Notice the little set of dip switches next to the serial ports on the black box. Set them as follows:

switch # Name Position
2 1200 OFF
3 9600 OFF
4 19.2k OFF


This will set up things up for a baudrate of 9600 with no hardware handshake.

2. Download

Now that you have the right hardware and software configuration you can start the Visual Basic Tool and get ready to download the code.

Start the Visual Basic Tool application and press the button labeled "Source Edit". The Editor Tool window will appear. Use the file directory window to browse for your makefile file. The Editor Tool use this file to load the files containing the code you are planning to download. This is a simple text file with a newline separated list of file names. If you are downloading the Galil Embedded Code that file is "makefile.mak". It includes seven files: buttmove.g, coldstrt.g, errors.g, gripops.g, main.g, periphio.g and xyops.g.

Choose the makefile by clicking on it. The contents of the file will be showed in the "Make File Contents" entry. Here the Editor Tool gives you the opportunity to check the code in the files you just loaded before you attempt to make a download. Remember that each time you make a download the current code is lost. Click a file name in the "Make File Contents" box and the source code and declared variables will be showed.


The final step is to download the code into the Galil. Press the button labeled "Download all files" to download the code. The download will take approximately 25 seconds. If everything went O.K. then a dialog box should pop up saying "Download OK".


Last Modified: April 27, 2000