DECam filter information

  • The DES standard bandpasses as used in the DES Data Release 1 (DR1) is available in the following table (available in both fits and ascii formats).  This table, also known as version Y3A2_20170715, is an updated characterization of the Blanco/DECam total system response (instrument and atmosphere) for the g, r, i, z and Y bands. The system responses (grizY columns) includes the total throughput of the system (instrument + atmosphere). If you want the system throughput without the atmosphere, divide the grizY column by the atm column. For more info, see the DR1 paper. Notice that this new calibration does not imply changes of the filters/CCDs over time. Thus, this table is relevant for use with all DECam data since September 2012. The responses in this table have not been normalized. Absolute calibration/normalization will be provided soon.

DES DR1 Standard Bandpasses for the DECam g, r, i, z and Y filters. The bandpasses represent the total system throughput, including atmospheric transmission (airmass = 1.2) and the average instrumental response across the science CCDs.

  • The u filter is not part of the DES Standard Bandpass System. Total throughput for this filter comes from the DECam Science Verification phase and it is available in this table (thanks to William Wester, DES Collaboration)

DECam filters ugrizY throughput (with no atmosphere)

  • Filter transmission (area weighted response) from Asahi for u,g,r,i,z,Y and VR (plot)
  • Properties of the VR filter
  • Properties of the N964 filter
  • Properties of the N662 filter
  • Old ugrizY throughput measurements: this is provided for legacy use only (e.g. trying to reproduce earlier published results). The DR1 values provided above are to be used by default. Notice that the u-band measurements in this table are identical to the one provided above.
  • See FAQ if you are planning to observe with no filter (don't!)