Who to contact  


The hotel services and many other services, such as reception, transport, guards, are managed by Patricia Valencia. Patricia has been working in the department since 2001, and since April 2015 she has taken over management of the customer service part of the Facilities Operations department.  Samuel Aguirre continues to manage the kitchen crew. 

They have the support of two Mountain Assistants working on shift: Alex Jeraldo and Juan José Paleo. The Mountain Assistants are also available to support any issue on the mountains occurring after-office hours including weekends; they are the point-of-contact for the Facilities Operations Department on the mountain and can be reached at extension number 440, and by radio.

Hotel reservations, both for Tololo/Pachón and in La Serena, as well as carry-all reservations are handled by the Mountain Assistants, and requests for reservations should be directed to the alias "".  

Requests for special meals or extra meals should also be directed to "".

For any other request for services provided by the Kitchen, e.g. meals for contractors, or special events, please contact Samuel Aguirre (, with copy to Patricia Valencia (

Problems should be reported through the Facilities Operations JIRA system: This allows us to include the work in our planning.

For any other request for services provided by this group, please contact Patricia Valencia (, with copy to Andres Sanhueza ( 



The Facilities Operations department maintains all common infrastructure on Cerro Tololo, Cerro Pachón and on the La Serena recinto. Two groups within the FO department are responsible for this area: Electric and Civil Works. Both groups serve the mountains as well as the La Serena compound. 

The group Electric, led by Mauricio Soto, maintains the common electric infrastructure, the radio communication system and the common alarm system.

The group Civil Works, led by Fabrizzio Bruno, maintains the roads, water supply system and common buildings. Garage is part of this group.  

For requests or problems, please use the Facilities Operations JIRA system so that we can include the work in our planning.

For specific inquiries, please contact Mauricio Soto ( or  Fabrizzio Bruno ( directly, with copy to Andres Sanhueza (