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CHIRON is a highly stable cross-dispersed echelle spectrometer at the SMARTS 1.5-meter telescope. It is fed by fiber and intended primarily for precise radial velocities.

  • Spectral resolution R~80000 (with image slicer: normal or Iodine mode) or R~25000 (fiber mode) or R~140000 (narrow-slit, bright stars), 3-pixel sampling
  • Spectral range 410-870 nm, fixed
  • Total efficiency ~6%

CHIRON is operational since 2011B. After upgrade, it is back in service since March 2012.
CHIRON replaces the previous spectrometer at 1.5m, FIBER ECHELLE











Software Documentation

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Technical Documents & Memos

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Papers on CHIRON

  • Schwab, Ch., Spronck, J., Tokovinin, A., Szymkowiak, A., Giguere, M., Fisher, D. Performance of the CHIRON high-resolution Echelle spectrograph. 2012, Proc. SPIE, 8446, paper 8446-9. [PDF, 1.6M]
  • Spronck, J., Schwab, C., Tokovinin, A., Giguere, M., Szymkowiak, A., Fischer, D. Chiron - A Fiber-fed High-resolution Echelle Spectrometer At CTIO 1.5m Telescope May 2011, AAS Meeting #218, #409.03 [PDF, 12M]
  • Schwab C., Spronck J.F.P., Tokovinin A., Fischer D. Design of the CHIRON high-resolution spectrometer at CTIO 2010, Proc. SPIE, 7735, paper 7735-159 [PDF, 1.3M]
  • Tokovinin A., Fischer D., Schwab, Ch., Spronck J.F.P. CHIRON - new planet-finding spectrometer. Presentation at the conference Astronomy of Exoplanets with Precise Radial Velocities, PSU, Aug 16-19 2010 , [PDF, 885K]
  • Tokovinin, A., Fischer, D.A., Bonati, M., Giguere, M.J., Moore, P., Schwab, Ch., Spronck, J. F. P., Szymkowiak, A. CHIRON - A Fiber Fed Spectrometer for Precise Radial Velocities. 2013, PASP, 125, 1336  [PDF, 1.1M]
  • Brewer, J. M., Giguere, M., Fischer, D. A. CHIRON TOOLS: Integrated Target Submission, Scheduling and Observing Systems for a High-Resolution Fiber-Fed Spectrograph. 2014, PASP, 126,  48

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Refereed publications using CHIRON data

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The design and construction of CHIRON was supported by the National Science Foundation under the ARRA AST-0923441. 

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