CADIAS mission is responsible at all levels for promoting the development of education, science and technology, through astronomy. It also promote full access of all people in the Region of Coquimbo to their facilities, through a system ensuring equal opportunities and quality learning. It also seeks to fully bind the citizen through the dissemination of astronomical knowledge in a didactic way, just like that stimulating research in various areas of knowledge.



In this year was realized the event “SEMANA ASTRONÓMICA (Astronomical Week)”, sponsored by AURA Observatory in Chile / Cerro Tololo Observatory, and by “Universidad de La Serena”. In this event participated “Colegio Francisco de Aguirre”, performing an exhibition in September with student works and supported with an exhibition of astronomical photographs and talks called "Starfall, the Leonidas" by Mr. Arturo Gómez, a leading astrophotographer of Cerro Tololo Observatory. On this occasion he invited the community to observe this celestial phenomenon would happen in November.
Is proposed for the following year to organize an event with more colleges and try to form a network to work in these annual projects related to the subject of astronomy.

The Student Network of La Serena is an organization formed in August 1999, to the Cultural, Educational and Scientific Project called "EL SOL NUESTRA ESTRELLA" organized by “Colegio Francisco de Aguirre” from La Serena, sponsored by AURA Observatory in Chile / Cerro Tololo Observatory, and sponsored by “Universidad de La Serena”, “Telefónica CTC” and “Diario El Dia”. In to date participate 9 schools.
This activity was developed in each school taking several curriculum subjects and were addressed from Augst to November.
This project culminated in November with two important events for the community of La Serena city, these being:
1) The exhibition of works by the Schools at “Universidad de La Serena”, which remained open for six (6) days. This activity contemplated talks by astronomers and the staff of Cerro Tololo Observatory, and Centauri Group of “Universidad de La Serena”, and also connected to the Internet stations available to attendees.
2) The observation of the Transit of Planet Mercury across the solar disc, guided by Dr. Ronald Probst, astronomer of Cerro Tololo Observatory, using a personal telescope 10 " in diameter, handed knowledge to attendees, other telescopes were also provided by Schools participants in the Project. The observation was made from the terrace of the casino “Campus Andrés Bello” of “Universidad de La Serena”.
The founders of the Organization Colleges and participating in the event are:
“Colegio Francisco de Aguirre”
“Simón Bolivar”
“Colegio Japón”
“Escuela José María Caro” (Coquimbo)
“Seminario Conciliar”
“Colegio San Antonio”
“Colegio Javiera Carrera”
“Escuela de Música”
“Colegio Alemán”