TripleSpec4 (also known as ARCoIRIS)

TS4 ARCoIRIS - Astronomy Research using the Cornell Infra Red Imaging Spectrograph

NOTE: Not currently in use at Blanco. This instrument is in use at SOAR since 2019. These pages are for reference only. Updated info on the instrument can be found in the TripleSpec 4.1 SOAR webpage

ARCoIRIS is a cross-dispersed, single-object, longslit, infrared imaging spectrograph, containing no moving parts, and is based on an updated design of the three existing TripleSpec spectrographs installed on the 3.5m telescope at Apache Point Observatory, the 5m Hale telescope at Palomar Observatory, and on the 10m KECKII telescope on Maunakea. ARCoIRIS features a fixed slit assembly of 1.1-arcsecs by 28-arcsecs. Spectra cover a simultaneous wavelength range of 0.80 to 2.47 microns, at a spectral resolution of approx. 3500, encompassing the entire z'YJHK photometric range.

Last Updated: 02 March 2016 (SDP)