ANDICAM is now retired
It was in continuos operation for over 20 years, and obtained over 2 million science grade images.
It's last night was on July 31, 2019.

Filters for ANDICAM at the SMARTS 1.3-meterTelescope. BVRI and JHK filters

  FILTER Plot Data file
CCD Filters KPNO-B kpno_b.pdf kpno_b.txt
  KPNO-V kpno_v.pdf kpno_v.txt
  KPNO-I kpno_i.pdf kpno_i.txt
Infrared Filers J-band andi_j.pdf j_andi.txt
  H-band andi_h.pdf h_andi.txt
  K-band andi_k.pdf k_andi.txt
Legacy Filters YALO B yalo_b.pdf b_yalo.txt
  YALO wide R yalo_r.pdf r_yalo.txt